Small Business Highlight: The Prettiest Bow

I recently had the immense privilege of swapping goods with a fellow Etsy shop – The Prettiest Bow. Owner Melissa is extremely kind and her bows are BEAUTIFUL. I usually go for large, twirls and twists of ribbon hair bows for my little girl, but Melissa won me over with her bows.


I received a collection of hair clips and head bands; with both I was amazed by how detail-oriented every bow was; you can tell that Melissa really makes each bow with a lot of thought and care. I also was so impressed with vibrancy of colors for each bow; I’m a HUGE fan of bold colors, and these bows do not fade, but they aren’t obnoxious either. They are a perfect combination of bold and graceful. Each hair bow was extremely well made. My little girl has a knack for tugging at her hair bows or chewing on them, and these have held up extremely well.

photo 3

If you want a great source for uniquely made bows, head over to The Prettiest Bow. Also, be sure to check out The Prettiest Bow on Facebook and Instagram and Blog!



Just when I thought my fox plush friends simply couldn’t get any cuter, I meet their mini version. HELLO, EXPLOSIONS OF ADORABLENESS! For such a little guy, he does not lack in the cuteness arena. I’ll be introducing more color options for him soon, but I could not wait to put him in the shop. Grab him quick!


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Meet the Designer: Brittany!

Our “Meet Our Designer” series will give our customers a chance to get to know the Designer behind the product. Today, we introduce you to Brittany. Brittany makes leg warmers, earmuff bands, and headbands.

DSCN2376 DSCN2379 DSC_9680

1) How long have you been crocheting and what made you start learning? 

I have been crocheting since I was very young. I was home-schooled and my mom would sit and crochet while teaching us. She taught me some basic crochet techniques and I wasted a lot of time and yarn making half finished scarfs and baby blankets. I started crocheting a lot more after my sister taught me Tunisian crochet while I was in college. Tunisian crochet goes much faster, which means I could actually finish projects before losing interest. 🙂

2) When you aren’t crocheting, what would we find you doing?

I spend most of my time taking care of my two sweet children. I love being a stay-at-home mommy. I am also a  doula. I enjoy every opportunity I get to help a woman through the transition into being a mama.

3) Do you have a favorite type of yarn you like to use? Or a color you seem especially drawn to?

I don’t have a favorite brand of yarn. I pick out my yarns by touch mostly. I love smooth, and soft yarns. I am definitely drawn to teals and greens.

4) What is your favorite hobby?

What is my favorite hobby? This is a hard one to answer. When I lived in Georgia I loved hiking. Now that I live in Fargo, there aren’t really places to go hiking. I enjoy hanging out with family and friends and going on walks when the weather is nice. Taking care of my kiddos doesn’t leave me with much time to pursue many hobbies.

Meet Our Designer: Karyn of BeBe Dolls

Our “Meet Our Designer” series will give our customers a chance to get to know the Designer behind the product. Today, we introduce you to Karyn of BeBe dolls.
DSCN1999 DSC03484DSCN1969
What inspired you to make your dolls?
I saw these wonderful cloth dolls on a blog, but unfortunately, the etsy store had shut down.  I hunted and hunted for similar dolls for my daughter, but never found ones that were quite right at a price I could justify spending.  In the end I found several different free patterns online and made my own.  Those first two dolls were far from perfect but they were made with lots of love just for her.  The fact that they cost me nothing, since I just used scraps I had on hand, was an added bonus.  A few months later, a close friend told me she was organizing an artisan sale to raise money to bring her daughter home from Ethiopia and I thought about those dolls.  I made a pattern of my own and a dozen or so dolls, all with different skin and hair colors.  When I posted a picture of the dolls on Facebook, orders started pouring in.  I never would have made dolls for anyone but my little one, if not for my friend and her daughter and $5 from every sale goes to help her come home.
Aside from doll-making, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
Spare time?  What’s that? Just kidding.  I love to read, cook, craft, throw parties and spend time at the lake.  And most evenings after the girls are in bed, the house is picked up, the laundry’s in the dryer and the lunches are packed, I’m curled up in my own bed watching reality tv.  My husband mocks me, but I can’t stay away!
How do you balance out working and being a mom?
I am blessed in that my work life and home life really do fit together pretty seamlessly.  I am one of the Children’s Directors at our church and it is nice that while I am working, the girls are just down the hall (or sometimes even in the room with me), learning about our God or playing with their friends in our Mother’s Day Out program.  Sewing is another story.  We live in a tiny house with no space for my sewing machine to sit out, so when I’m sewing, we eat at the coffee table.  Sewing for me happens in quick bursts during naptime or after bedtime and occasionally on weekends when the girls can hang out with their daddy!
What is a surprising fact about you?
I have two brothers and inherited a love for a good action flick.  Preferably with Jason Statham.  I’ve seen every Bond movie ever made.
Check out our shop for more of Karyn’s dolls – or